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Potholes are a common problem on roads and highways. They are caused by the expansion and contraction of the pavement as the temperature changes. This can create cracks in the pavement, which can eventually turn into potholes. Infrared road repair is a method of repairing potholes that uses infrared energy to heat up the pavement and seal the cracks. This method is less disruptive than traditional repairs, and it can often be completed in a single day. As a result, infrared road repair is an efficient and effective way to fix potholes and prevent them from causing further damage to the road.

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    Looking to protect your asphalt from the elements? Look no further than Pothole Nerds! Our asphalt sealcoating will help to prevent any damage caused by rain, snow, and UV rays. Plus, it'll give your driveway or parking lot a beautiful new look! So why wait? Contact us today and let us help you protect your investment!

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