Pothole Repair, Line Striping and Sealcoating Services

In search of a dependable contractor to restore and repair your parking lot or driveway?
Look no further than Pothole Nerds, serving the entire North East Ohio region.

North East Ohio Parking Lots Repaired...


Watch our overview video to understand more about our recycling in place process, saving the planet 1 pothole at a time.

Pothole Nerds Overview

Welcome to Pothole Nerds! We provide top-quality pothole repair, sealcoating, and striping services using innovative Infrared technology. Our approach is eco-friendly as it doesn't require removing the existing asphalt pavement, and it's cost-effective compared to traditional methods. We work around your schedule to minimize disruption and ensure a smoother driving experience. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you restore your pavement!

Work In Action around North East Ohio

Witness our work in progress across multiple towns - from Painesville to Avon on the West side, and Brunswick on the South side. Our coverage spans the thriving neighborhoods of Rocky River, Westlake, Bay Village, and more. Pothole Nerds: Transforming Ohio's asphalt, one project at a time.


Our Pothole Nerd Parking Lot and Driveway Services

Pothole Repairs

We repair parking lot potholes

Sealcoat Spraying / Resurfacing

Make your parking lot look new with seal coat spray

Line Striping

We stripe fresh parking lot lines

Gator Crack Repairs

Too many cracks to rubber seal? We fix them

Warped Asphalt Repairs

We melt down and smooth warped asphalt

Rubber Crack Sealing

We fix large cracks with hot rubber sealing

Rocket Structures

"Our parking lot was over 3 years old. It had large 20 by 20 foot areas that were ok, but it also had many areas with cracks, tire impressions and in some cases nothing but dirt. PotholeNerds came in melted down the cracks, potholes and then resurfaced the lot so it all looked the same color. It looks like new."

Lily Wilde

"They did a good job resealing my driveway. They were fast and nice."

Pothole Nerds is Bonded and Insured

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PotholeNerds is Bonded and Insured. If your city requires a permit we will take care of that so you don't have to worry. Our professional staff will make your repair process simple and easy.